Working Paper: “Antitrust Without Romance”

On the 28th of May RENFORCE researcher Thibault Schrepel published a new working paper entitled “Antitrust Without Romance”.
In it, he analyzes all the speeches given by US and EU Commissioners and shows that they are building on populist rhetoric that pits the elites (often, the technological elite embodied by tech companies) against the people. As such, this paper can be seen as the first article to conduct an empirical study of populism in competition law, and especially, on populism at the European Commission. All the speeches of Margrethe Vestager, who is now running for President of the European Commission, are analyzed in great detail, showing how she has changed competition law for personal use.
To remedy this issue, the paper proposes several institutional and substantial reforms of competition law and authorities, most of them based on public choice theory.
The paper can be found on SSRN!