Podcast Episode: Bestek – de Aanbestedingspodcast

Bestek is a RENFORCE project, initiated by Willem Janssen, over the last couple of months. The first episode has just come out! The episode is in Dutch, and is about circular public procurement and the legal challenges and opportunities of life-cycle-costing.

The podcast aims to discuss, with various authors, innovative academic research on EU and Dutch public procurement law, and other fields of law that could positively improve it. The podcasts’ purpose is threefold. It aims (1) to discuss the conclusions and implications of such research and, thereby, advance it further. Consequentially, (2) the podcast discloses academic findings to a broader audience in policy, practice, politics, and (3) hopes to, ultimately, improve the understanding of this field of law by publishing these podcasts online and free of charge.

Future episode topics may include enforcement, external relations, and scarce rights.

The podcast is predominantly in Dutch, but also welcomes English speakers of course. If you have any thoughts on research integration or any further questions about the podcasts contact Willem, at w.a.janssen@uu.nl