Lecture: Christine Parker “Political Consumerism as Democratic Governance Pathway?”

On the 20th November from 15:00-16:00  Professor Christine Parker will give a talk on “Political Consumerism as Democratic Governance Pathway?”, at Drift 23, room 206. In this talk, she will critically investigate the role of food labelling and its contestation as a governance pathway towards healthy, sustainable, fair food systems, using the results of a three year empirical socio-legal research project of higher animal welfare labelling in Australia as a case study. In Australia higher welfare and free range labels now dominate the market for egg, pig and chicken products and have become the subject of extraordinary levels of public attention and concern. Moreover the Australian government lags behind the EU in keeping up with the challenge of managing the complex issues arising from animal welfare science, citizen concern and interrelated environmental and health and safety impacts of intense animal agriculture.

For further details on the talk, and information on ow to sign up to attend please see here.