Working papers

On this page you will find recent working papers written by our research staff.

Ingrid Koning, The Effect of the European Passenger Transport Scheme on the National Legal Order: A Focus on Air Transport, 2013

This working paper explores the relationship, boundaries and conflicts between international, European and national law concerning passenger rights regulations, with a focus on the air passenger regulations.

Anna Gerbrandy & Jan Polański, Addressing the legitimacy-problem of competition authorities taking into account non-competition values, 2013

In this paper the author adresses the problem of legitimacy of decisions of competition authorities where competition authorities would include non-competition elements, such as concerns for a sustainable society, in their assessment of co-operation agreements between companies.

Eva Lachnit, Alternative enforcement of competition law – Balancing legal requirements in practice, 2013

In this paper, the relationship between alternative enforcement instruments and the requirements of the instrumental side and safeguard side of the law are explored, with a special focus on the instrument of settlements. This working paper is an introduction to the author’s thesis, in which more instruments of alternative enforcement are evaluated thoroughly.