The projects RENFORCE researchers contribute to regularly result in (scientific) publications. On this page we have included a list of several key publications, divided by the four main themes of the research programme. The Core Values theme researches how such values should provide a basis for and should limit regulation and enforcement. The second theme, Policy Cycle in the EU, deals with issues such as at which level and with which intensity should standards be set and enforcement realised. Thirdly, the theme Multi Layered Legal Order researches what the relationship between Europeanisation and the autonomy of national regulations and enforcement is, and how this changes the duties/mandate of the national public actors. The final theme is named Actors. This theme deals with issues such as which actors should be involved in regulatory and enforcement processes and what the role of individual citizens is in this respect.

Click on the view all publications links beneath each of the four publication tables to read a more extensive description of the different research themes and to see more key publications created on these issues.


Core values determining regulation and enforcement

Year Title Author(s) Source
2016 Rethinking European Competition Law: From consumer welfare to a capability approach R. Claassen, A. Gerbrandy External link to source »
Utrecht Law Review. 2016;12(1):1-15
2016 The Court of Justice’s Paradigm Consumer in EU Free Movement Law S.A. de Vries External link to source »
Leczykiewicz D, Weatherill S, editors, The Images of the Consumer in EU Law . Oxford: Hart Publishing. 2016. p. 401-430
2016 Grondrechten binnen de Europese interne markt: een tragikomisch conflict tussen waarden in de ‘Domus Europaea’ S.A. de Vries External link to source »
SEW, tijdschrift voor Europees en economisch recht. 2016;44(3):99-109
2016 Safeguards and Opportunities for the Protection of Fundamental Rights within the EU Single Market. Small Opportunities are Often the Beginning of Great Enterprises. S.A. de Vries External link to source »
Europarättslig Tidskrift. 2016;19(1):69-85
2014 Over soevereiniteit en Europese integratie: Het belang van zuiver redeneren J.W.C. van Rossem External link to source »
Nederlands Juristenblad, volume 19, pp. 1316 - 1317


Policy Cycle

Year Title Author(s) Source
2016 Counterterrorism: net widening and function creep in criminal justice J.A.E Vervaele External link to source »
Diritto penale XXI secolo. 2016 July 1;2015(2):205-218
2016 EU Executive Rule-Making and the Second Directive on Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision A. van den Brink, H. van Meerten External link to source »
Utrecht Law Review. 2016 Feb 2;12(1):75-85. Available from, DOI: 10.18352/ulr.329
2016 National parliaments fighting back?: Institutional engineering as a successful means to become active actors in EU affairs D.B. Fromage External link to source »
Perspectives on Federalism. 2016;8(3):69-86.
2016 Increasing Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation in the European Union: Current Trends and Challenges D.B. Fromage External link to source »
European public law. 2016;22(4):749-772
2016 From veto players to agenda-setters? National Parliaments and their ‘Green Card’ to the European Commission D.B. Fromage, C. Fasone External link to source »
Maastricht journal of European and comparative law. 2016;23(2):294-316.


The Multilevel Legal Order

Year Title Author(s) Source
2016 Bankentoezicht en constitutioneel recht: where two oceans meet but do not mix? Een beschouwing naar aanleiding van recente ontwikkelingen A.P.W. Duijkersloot External link to source »
Tijdschrift voor Constitutioneel Recht. 2016 Jan;2016(1):4-31.
2016 The Joined Cases Aranyosi and Căldăraru: A New Limit to the Mutual Trust Presumption in the Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice? K.H.P Bovend'Eerdt External link to source »
? Utrecht Journal of International and European Law. 2016 Sep 29;32(83):112-121. Available from, DOI: 10.5334/ujiel.337
2016 The Role of National Courts in the Process of Legal Integration in the European Union: Retrospective and Prospective U. Jaremba External link to source »
In Goudappel F, Hirsch Ballin EMH, editors, Democracy and Rule of Law in the European Union : Essays in Honour of Jaap W. de Zwaan. The Hague : T.M.C. Asser Press/Springer. 2016. p. 49-62.
2016 Extended confiscation of criminal assets: limits and pitfalls of minimum harmonisation in the EU M. Simonato External link to source »
European Law Review. 2016 Aug;41(5):727-740.
2016 he Response of Residence-based Schemes in the Netherlands to Cross-Border Movement F.J.L Pennings External link to source »
European Journal of Social Security. 2016;18(2):106-129



Year Title Author(s) Source
2016 Standing Committees in Interparliamentary Cooperation in the Post-Lisbon Era: Towards the End of the European Affairs Committees’ Predominance? D.B. Fromage External link to source »
In Fasone C, Lupo N, editors, Interparliamentary Cooperation in the Composite European Constitution. Oxford: Hart Publishing. 2016. p. 113-130.
2016 De arresten Visser/Avéro, General Vargas en ForFarmers/Doens: is the devil in the detail?: Een beschouwing over de vraag wat rechtens is indien één partij onderling verschillende sets algemene voorwaarden van toepassing verklaart S.A. Kruisinga External link to source »
. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Burgerlijk Recht. 2016 Nov 7;2016(42):286-293
2016 Van symboolwetgeving naar een aanpak die wél werkt.: Een rechtsvergelijkende beschouwing over de vraag hoe m/v-diversiteit kan worden gerealiseerd in de top van het Nederlands bedrijfsleven S.A. Kruisinga, L.A.J. Senden, M.L. Lennarts External link to source »
Nederlands Juristenblad. 2016 May 24;2016(21):1470-1479
2016 ESMA Inspecting: The Implications for Judicial Control under Shared Enforcement M.P.M van Rijsbergen, M. Scholten External link to source »
European Journal of Risk Regulation. 2016 Sep;7(3):569-579
2015 Mapping Self- and Co-regulation in the EU-context Prof. dr. L.A.J. Senden, dr. E. Kica, M. Hiemstra, LL.M and K. Klinger, MA External link to source »