Key Projects

The fundamental research question that RENFORCE aims to answer is: “How can public tasks and public policy objectives in the social market economy and in the area of freedom, security and justice be better realized in the shared European, national and international legal order, by regulation and enforcement arrangements that safeguard core values and which ensure policy effectiveness?”.

The central research question is addressed through a number of projects, arranged into seven research domains (building blocks). More information on the roots of these domains and the RENFORCE research methodology can be found in the latest 2019 version of the RENFORCE Mission Statement.

The section below provides additional information on each of the 6 new building blocks. Followed by a section on projects already completed by the RENFORCE research team.

Social Market Economy

The Social Market Economy project seeks to dissect the conceptual issues raised by the debate over the relationship between free markets and social protection in the European Union […]

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EU Values in International Trade

The combination of the EU’s trade policy with non-trade objectives creates tensions at multiple levels, this building block explores those tensions […]

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Digitalization & technological innovation in Europe

The aim of this project is to analyse and understand how the development of digital technology and innovation impacts the basic principles of the law, the core values and what needs for regulation and enforcement it creates […]

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The Equality project is an open project, which seeks to bring together researchers working on issues related to discrimination and equality […]

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Migration and Asylum

The Migration and Asylum building block is oriented towards the new challenges recently arisen in the area of migration, asylum and displacement from a regulation and enforcement perspective […]

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Legislation in an EU context

This project seeks to explore the great variety in EU legislation which exists to accommodate this tension and in balancing unity and diversity […]

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VET 2.0

The VET 2.0 project is a continuation of an ongoing Verticalization of Enforcement project, the focal point of which are issues concerning enforcement of EU laws and policies […]

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Past Projects

RENFORCE organizes and contributes to a number of research projects. Here you will find information on the past projects RENFORCE has participated in.

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