Brexit Lecture by prof. Linda Sinden & Sir Geoffrey Adams (Urios/RENFORCE)

On June 23rd, the British voters chose to leave the EU. In light of this event and the recent presidential election of Donald Trump, a trend of anti-establishment and anti-globalisation politics can be observed in the Western world. Minister of Foreign Affairs and pro-Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson recently stated that the UK will make a ”Titanic success” of the Brexit. The Brexitnegotiations between the UK and the EU will shine further light on its actual consequences.

On December 15th, Urios and RENFORCE will organise a lecture that will give insight in the legal and diplomatic implications of the Brexit.

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Linda Senden, Professor of European Law at UU, will elaborate the ‘Article 50 procedure’ from a legal perspective. Article 50 of the TFEU provides the possibility for Member States to withdraw from the European Union. Since this procedure has never been invoked before, it is a very exciting topic.

We are also very honoured to receive Sir Geoffrey Adams, the British Ambassador to the Netherlands, located in the Hague. During his speech he will focus on the implications of the Brexit and the consequences for the diplomatic ties between the UK and the EU – and more specifically between the UK and the Netherlands. Afterwards, there will be a Q&A session, during which you will get the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss.

When? 15 December 2016. Doors open at 17:00, the event will start at 17:15 and is expected to end at 19:15.

Where? Room 0.13 in Janskerkhof 2-3, Utrecht.

Costs? Free!

Sign up? Please sign up by sending an e-mail to, which contains your Solis ID and field of research/study.

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EU Law Enforcement blog

We are happy to announce the creation of our new blog – click here to visit it.

This blog is part of four projects exercised by a number of Renforce researchers, including the ‘vet’, hercule, veni of Mira Scholten and vidi of Michiel Luchtman.

The aim behind this blog is to establish a point for gathering information on and discussion of the new trend of proliferation of EU enforcement authorities and implications that they bring along. Each month we will publish a blog post written by an academic expert in the field, practitioner, representative of a civil society organization, etc.
If you are interested to contribute or if you have (know of) a relevant publication/activity in the field, please, let me know! You are also welcome to forward this message to other interested.



Book ‘National Courts and EU Law. New Issues, Theories and Methods’ is now published.

A new book titled ‘National Courts and EU Law. New Issues, Theories and Methods’ which was edited by Dr Urszula Jaremba et al. has been published lately by Edward Elgar Publishing.

‘National Courts and EU Law’ examines both how and why national courts and judges are involved in the process of legal integration within the European Union. As well as reviewing conventional thinking, the book presents new legal and empirical insights into the issue of judicial behaviour in this process. The expert contributors provide a critical analysis of the key questions, examining the role of national courts in relation to the application of various EU legal instruments.

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Veni-grant for Miroslava Scholten

Dr. Miroslava Scholten has been awarded a Veni grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. The grant of approximately 250,000 Euros will be spent for the purposes of the research project ‘Shared enforcement but separated controls in the EU – how to make it work for democracy and the rule of law?’. This project will investigate the relatively new yet unstudied trend of the proliferation of EU enforcement authorities and the system of political and judicial accountability within they operate. For more information about this trend, please, see Mira’s upcoming publication in the Journal of Common Market Studies ‘From Regulation to Enforcement in the EU Policy Cycle: A New Type of Functional Spillover?’; before publication it is available here!



Presentation by Machiko Kanetake in Waterloo, Canada, 22 July 2016

Machiko Kanetake presented her paper, ‘Between Innovation and Security: Dual-Use Concepts in International, EU, and National Law’, at the Sixth International Four Societies Conference held on 21-22 July. The Conference was hosted by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and the Canadian Council on International Law.