Prof. Paul Craig confirmed as RENFORCE fellow

We are very happy to announce that professor Paul Craig, professor of English Law, St. John’s College, Oxford University, has confirmed his position as RENFORCE and IOS-fellow. Professor Craig will participate from the 1st of May in several assemblies as fellow “Legitimacy in the EU”, for example in the conference on EU agencies on May 16th and the conference “In search of EPU” on June 19 – 21. Also, in the next academic year he will make several research-visits to Utrecht University.

Professor Paul Craig is professor of English law at the University of Oxford and Fellow of St John’s College. His research spans the areas of constitutional law, comparative public law, administrative law, human rights law and EU law. His recent work is on an interdisciplinary and contextual monograph of European public law. He has given lectures at many universities in Europe and the US. He is the author of numerous journal articles and legal textbooks on EU law, the most well-known of them being EU Law – Text, Cases and Materials, which was published by Oxford University Press. Also, Paul Craig is on the editorial or advisory board of a number of journals, including Public Law, Public Law Review, Journal of European Public Policy, European Constitutional Law Review and Zeitschrift für öffentliches Recht. Paul Craig is also the alternative UK member on the Venice Commission on Law and Democracy.

More information – including publications – can be found at



Bernold Nieuwesteeg earns the Dutch Internet Scriptieprijs 2013 with thesis on the non-existence of internet law

During the symposium “Internetrecht bestaat niet” (internet law does not exist) in De Balie, Amsterdam, the Internet Scriptieprijs 2013 (Internet thesis award 2013) was awarded to Bernold Nieuwesteeg of the Delft University of Technology and Utrecht University. His thesis “The legal position and social effects of security breach notification laws” was supervised by RENFORCE researchers Ton van den Brink and Sybe de Vries. The winning thesis will be published professionally as a book by legal publisher deLex.



Farewell lecture Bart Hessel – some interdisciplinary thoughts on the future of (decentralized) Europe: the future of the social market economy of Europe 2020

Prof. dr. Bart Hessel will give his farewell lecture (in Dutch) as professor of European Law in Decentralized governments on Tuesday the 18th of March 2014 with the subject: some interdisciplinary thoughts on the future of (decentralized) Europe: the future of the social market economy of Europe 2020. After his farewell lecture, Bart Hessel will continue to contribute to the masterclass European Law, making his departure – fortunately – less permanent than it seems.

The ceremony will start at 16.15 pm in the Aula of University Hall, Domplein 29 Utrecht.



Panel proposal ECPR Conference

A group of Renforce researchers wrote a panel proposal for the ECPR Conference ‘Regulatory Governance between Global and Local’ to be held in June 2014 in Barcelona.

In Search of Coherence in the Implementation of EU policies :

Policy objectives will only be adequately attained if regulation and enforcement are properly attuned. Problems may arise, however, when regulation and enforcement are – arguably due to the EU’s multi-level structure – vertically and horizontally dispersed among different levels of government and among public and private actors. In general, one may observe Europeanization and internationalization of regulation whereas enforcement often is kept at national and sub-national levels (although centralization of enforcement may certainly be seen in specific areas).

Since the coherence in the implementation of EU policies and laws is dependent on the interrelationship between individual stages of the policy cycle, generally in regulation and enforcement, it is crucial to establish proper links between relevant levels where regulation and enforcement in Europe take place and between appropriate actors which take part in regulating Europe and enforcing its laws. To this end we propose to organize two ‘sister-panels’ focusing on the levels (Panel I) and actors (Panel II) of shared regulation and enforcement in Europe.

The two proposed sister – panels (proposed to be organized one after the other) consist of contributions coming from legal, political science and public administration scholars who offer theoretical and empirical insights of various sectors  from environmental to criminal areas, financial markets and competition policy. The Renforce delegation will include Ton van de Brink, Linda Senden, Mira Scholten, John Vervaele, Michiel Luchtman and Marloes van Rijsbergen.

For more information on the ECPR conference and the Standing Group on Regulatory Governance who will be organising this conference, please check here.



Oxford Conference: Five years legally binding EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

In May 2014 a conference will be held in Oxford on:

In mei zal er in Oxford een conferentie plaatsvinden over;

Five years legally binding EU Charter of Fundamental Rights What is the state of play in the protection of fundamental rights in the EU?

This conference is partially organized by Sybre de Vries. More information and the conference program can be found on the bEUcitizen website. More information on registration can be found here.