Whistleblower project Albania

Last April Utrecht University was assigned the whistleblower project by the ministry of justice in Albania (in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy). The main aim of the project is the  elaboration of draft  bill with  explanatory memorandum . The input for the new bill will be based on European (Council of Europe, EU) and International (OECD, UN) standards and on comparative research focused on whistleblowing schemes in the US, the UK, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Romania. The bill aims at guaranteeing that persons who want to report (alleged) corrupt acts within the public or private sector are assured of accessible and reliable procedures for reporting the abuses, and are protected against victimization and retaliation. The project is to increase the integrity in the  Albanian public and private sector s and has as its fundamental objective to strengthen the Albanian rule of law and therewith prepare Albania’s accession to the EU.

The project requires both criminal as criminological research. The criminal research will be conducted by François Kristen (UCall), Eelke Sikkema (UCall), John Vervaele (RENFORCE) and Joske Graat. The criminological research will be conducted by Dina Siegel-Rozenblit (RENFORCE).



A new logo for the PPRC

PPRC-blauwRecently the new logo of the Public Procurement Research Centre (PPRC) has been published. The PPRC, established in May 2013 as an interdisciplinary cooperation between Utrecht University and the University of Twente in the area of purchase and procurement in the public sector, has already published several interdisciplinary publications and has finished several assignments for both governments and companies. The research team has also been expanded. The PPRC has primarily been working on its vision and identity in the first year. Now it is time to also consider a strategy. For that reason the research centre has also adopted a new logo. For more information on the research centre, please visit the PPRC site.



Opinion piece ‘Let’s go British on the EU’ by Ton van den Brink in Dutch newspaper Trouw

On the 27th of April Dutch newspaper Trouw published the opinion piece ‘Let’s go British on the EU’, written by Associate Professor of European Law Ton van den Brink. In this article Van den Brink discusses the British ‘Balance of Competences Review’, an initiative through which the EU competences, the way in which they are used and the consequences of their usage are analyzed in a thorough and balanced manner. These analyses of EU-policy should inspire the Dutch government to undertake a similar initiative according to Van den Brink. The whole article can be read here (in Dutch).



European Affairs May 13th

On the 13th of May RENFORCE will hold the next European Affairs meeting (in Dutch). The research centre regularly holds European Affairs meetings with the aim of drawing specific research topics or projects to the attention of those interested. This time the meeting will feature a presentation by Ton van den Brink (associate professor of European Law) and Michiel Luchtman (associate professor of criminal law) on the topic: “Discrimination of (EU) citizens in the Dutch legislation implementing the Framework Decision on the European Arrest Warrant?”. The European Affairs meeting will be held from 12.30 to 13.30 in the Toon Peterszaal (Achter Sint Pieter 200, Utrecht).



13th Annual Conference on European Tort Law

acet_websiteOn the 25th of April Jessy Emaus will present a brief report on developments in Dutch law in 2013 during the 13th Annual Conference on European Tort Law in Vienna. This presentation is based on a country report that Jessy Emaus and Anne Keirse have written for the European Tort Law Yearbook 2013 (to be published). See the conference website for further information.



Image source: Ectil,