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On the 7th of January 2015, RENFORCE and SIM will have a roundtable discussion about the opinion of the European Court of Justice regarding the accession of the EU to the ECHR. The roundtable will be held in Dutch.

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Dutch newsletter RENFORCE – Christmas edition


The christmas edition of the RENFORCE newsletter is now available! In this Dutch newsletter you will find information on the recent activities of the RENFORCE research group and news on our researchers and their projects.

Read the entire newsletter: Nieuwsbrief Kersteditie (only available in Dutch).



International Research Seminar: EU-Citizenship and Rights

Twenty years after the EU introduced the concept of ‘European Citizenship’ in the Treaty of Maastricht, the European Commission proclaimed 2013 the ‘Year of European Citizenship’. This was done to draw additional attention to a perceived problem: why don’t Europeans realise their rights as European citizens? The term ‘realise’ is here being used to mean both being aware of these rights and demanding, using and thereby materialising them. That year, the European Commission also awarded a consortium of 26 institutes from 19 countries in and outside Europe, coordinated by Utrecht University, a major research grant to carry out a 4-year research project to study this problem. This multinational and multidisciplinary project, entitled bEUcitizen, sets out to identify and analyse which impediments hinder European citizens from realising these rights and why.

The present seminar is a co-operation between the researchers of Utrecht University (RENFORCE), Copenhagen University (CESEL) and bEUcitizen. Today’s seminar addresses rights of EU citizens, with specific attention to the civil, economic and political rights of EU citizens, and brings together researchers from several research projects in order to answer the question what rights EU citizens have, may have and what kind of tensions arise in this context. Moreover, the role and reasoning of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the creation of European citizenship and the substantive rights of EU citizens will be part of the debate.

Seminar – programme BEUcitizen


  • University of Copenhagen’s research centre CESEL (Centre for European Studies in Economic Law)
  • University of Utrecht’s research group RENFORCE (Centre for Regulation and Enforcement of Europe)
  • bEUcitizen-project


  • 11 December 2014 – 13.00-16:30


  • Alexandersalen, Bispetorvet 1-3, 1167 Copenhagen K





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