Publication of a new journal article on subsidiarity in public international law

A RENFORCE researcher, Machiko Kanetake, has published a journal article on “Subsidiarity in the Maintenance of International Peace and Security (Law and Contemporary Problems, Vol. 79, No. 2, 2016).

This article analyzes the question of subsidiarity in the sphere of the maintenance of international peace and security. This area of international law is increasingly torn between normative claims for centralization and those for decentralization. On the one hand, the UN Charter concentrates decision making at the UN Security Council for the imperative aim of international peace and security. On the other hand, the demand for decentralization reemerged with the greater relevance of the Security Council’s exercise of authority to individuals’ rights. This article examines how these opposite normative claims have arisen with regard to the Security Council’s mandate and whether there are any criteria under international law with which to balance these claims.



The ELI 2016 Annual Conference and General Assembly

Prof. Dr. John Vervaele and Prof. Dr. Michiel Luchtman are both involved in the project on ‘Prevention and Settlement of Conflicts of Exercise of Jurisdiction in Criminal Law’ of the ELI 2016 Annual Conference and General Assembly.

Prof. Dr. Vervaele is a member of the supervisory committee of the project and a member of the ELI-Council, he will therefore participate during the project sessions.

The conference will take place in Ferrara, from 7 to 9 September 2016. The Conference will be hosted by the Faculty of Law of the University of Ferrara. More information: http:// and ELI_Annual_Conference_and_General_Assembly_2016_Agenda



On July 7 Prof. Dr. John Vervaele and Michiel Luchtman participated on the ‘EPPO Conference on the Establishment of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) “State of Play and Perspectives” in The Hague. More information on the program is available here: provisional-programme-eppo-2016-for-website



Publication of a new edited book concerning the Rule of Law, edited by Machiko Kanetake

RENFORCE researcher, Machiko Kanetake, has published an edited volume on “The Rule of Law at the National and International Levels: Contestations and Deference”. The book is edited with André Nollkaemper (University of Amsterdam).

The book aims to enhance understanding of the interactions between the international and national rule of law. It does so by demonstrating that the international rule of law is not merely about ensuring national compliance with international law. International law and institutions (e.g., international human rights treaty-monitoring bodies and human rights courts) respond to national contestations and show deference to the national rule of law. While this flexibility might come at the expense of the certainty of international law, it suggests that the international rule of law in relation to the national legal order allows flexibility, national diversity and pluralism.



Oekraïne-referendum: 10 vragen en antwoorden door juristen (Dutch)

Prof. Linda Senden, Dr. Narin Idriz en mr. Pauline Phoa LL.M. hebben een factsheet gemaakt over het aankomende EU-Oekraïne referendum. Heb je voordat je naar de stembus gaat behoefte aan neutrale en (juridisch) onderbouwde informatie? In deze factsheet worden tien vragen over de Associatieovereenkomst beantwoord.

Het volledige artikel met toelichtingen bij de factsheet kunt u hier lezen.