Seminar Extraterritoriality and Environment

We are pleased to announce that on December 8th the seminar Extraterritoriality and Environment will be held. It is organized by ERC and the University of Utrecht. The seminar will be opened by Prof C. Ryngaert. The seminar will be held in December and registration is free.

There has been no shortage of discussion on the costs of industrialisation for the global environment. Yet while there is consensus on the need for conservation, states cannot seem to reach concrete agreements on how to do so. In the absence of multilateral progress some states have resorted to the unilateral implementation of environmental policies, often with extraterritorial effects. This seminar brings together different facets of the legal discussion on extraterritoriality and the environment. A particular focus will be placed on the law of the World Trade Organisation in regulating extraterritorial measures, and the role of the European Union in its attempt to protect the world’s environment.

See: Programme 8th of December

8th December 2014

Achter Sint Pieter 200
Raadzaal, 1e floor
3512 HT Utrecht
The Netherlands

You can register before 1 of December by sending an e-mail to