Seminar Audiovisual Media and Minors 5.0

Audiovisual Media and Minors 5.0

Minors are increasingly consuming on-demand media online, through smartphones, tablets, etc. When viewing on-demand media, they are often confronted with shocking and harmful content. Whilst regulation exists for traditional television broadcasts, the domain of on-demand media is still largely unregulation.

During this seminar, (European) policymakers, regulatory authorities and people working in the sector explored whether, and if yes, under which conditions (co)regulatory arrangements can be used to create effective and future-proof protection of minors. This exploration was conducted using insights from (regulatory)science. The focus was placed on the role of private actors in particular.


  • Prof. mr. Madeleine de Cock Buning, Professor Copyright Law; Media and Communication Law and chair Commissariaat voor de Media


  • Mr. Marcel Boulogne, Head of Sector ‘Audiovisual Media Services’ – DG Connect (European Commission);
  • Prof. dr. Sybe de Vries, Professor of EU Single Market Law and Fundamental Rights Utrecht University – “Het EU Handvest en de rechten van het kind in het Europese audiovisuele landschap: een ‘moderne’ titanenstrijd (tussen botsende grondrechten)?”
  • Drs. Wim Bekkers, Director Kijkwijzer/NICAM;
  • Mr. Arjo Kramer, Director Regulatory & Public Affairs at SBS Broadcasting/lid VCO – “Audiovisuele media en minderjarigen, bezien vanuit de positie van de sector“;
  • Prof. Mr Linda Senden, Professor European Law Utrecht University;
  • Dr. Ir Haiko van der Voort, Assisent Professor Policy, Organization, Law and Gaming TU Delft, author of ‘Naar een drie eenheid van co-regulering’ (diss. 2013).

Please note that all documents are in Dutch.