Seminar The Refugee Crisis: Risks Fears and Security in Europe

The present refugee crisis constitutes a challenge for researchers from various disciplines and countries. Recent increase in migration flux of unwanted ‘others’ are described by fears such as epidemic diseases, criminality, and welfare costs, justifying extraordinary security measures. This seminar aims to provide a platform for experts from different countries to discuss the challenges European countries are facing with from different objectives. The questions which we will try to answer during the first expert meeting are:

• What can we learn from previous experiences (successes and obstacles) regarding migration (historical perspective)?
• How do various receiving countries deal with the present situation of the “refugee crisis” and what can we learn from eacht other (comparative perspective)?
•What empirical data do we need in order to understand the present migration flowsand the social and legal reactions to it, and what research methods are the most useful in this context (empirical perspective)?
• What are the recent “best practices” in regualation and control policies and practices regarding migration flows to the EU (regulation and control policies perspective)?
• What are shortcomings in the European legal regulations and control policies regarding admission of refugees to the EU?

More information on the seminar and the programme can be found here.

Venue: Raadzaal; Achter Sint Pieter 200, Utrecht
Registration: There is no registration fee, but registration is required by sending an e-mail to: