RENFORCE Conference Streams

The aim of the RENFORCE Conference is to explore the key challenges in current regulation and enforcement in the EU. This will be done through three streams, which will each host four separate panel workshops. The streams are as follows:


The Migration and Citizenship Stream

The Stream on Citizenship and Migration offers a timely discussion of the most recent developments in regulation and enforcement in the core areas of citizenship, migration, asylum and equality. Brexit, Asylum HotSpots, Trafficking and Gender equality are some of the interesting topics that experts will present in an attempt to shed light on the most recent European challenges.

The Criminal Justice Stream

The stream examines four areas where highly pertinent social issues trigger a criminal justice reaction: white collar criminality, illicit trafficking, terrorism and cyber-crime. Because of the complexity of problems in these fields and the transnational nature of these phenomena they require regulation and enforcement that crosses the borders of states and disciplines. Four panels dedicated to each of these topics will scrutinize the current state of play with the outlook to the future challenges and developments.

The Market Stream

This element is still under construction. Thank you for your patience!

For further information on the scheduling of the RENFORCE conference please consult the tentative program.