Key Projects

RENFORCE’s central research question is being dealt with in a number of subprojects. First of all, two bigger projects, the Core Values project and the Mix Enforcement project, have been developed and are completely being carried out by researchers of the research group. Additionally, a number of smaller projects with more specific research questions have been initiated. These so-called Key Projects are focused on special forms of regulation and enforcement (mutual recognition), the role of specific actors within this regulation and enforcement (EU agencies and private actors) and on the external effects of EU-regulation. More information on the content and progress of these projects can be found on this page.

Private Actors

In this key project the focus is on the role of private actions in regulation and enforcement of European law, view from the perspective of […]

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Verticalisation of Enforcement

Verticalization is one of the major features of the European multi-level system of governance. It works in both ways – top-down and […]

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Limits of Mutual Recognition

The principle of mutual recognition and mutual trust is a general principle of European Law. First applied as a judicial principle within […]

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External Effects of European Union Law

The European integration project has developed into a powerful entity capable of influencing its environment beyond EU territorial borders. […]

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Risks, Fears, Opportunities and Security in Europe

The project aims to provide a better understanding of migration in Europe by conducting an independent  authoritative research on root causes of migration. […]

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