G.J. Wiarda Prize Winner and Veni Grant Recipient

RENFORCE is proud to congratulate Mr. dr. Alexandra Timmer on the receipt of both a Veni Grant and a G.J. Wiarda prize!

Alexandra Timmer received the prestigious VENI grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research for her research project entitled ‘Gender Injustice: Historical Development and Contemporary Challenges in European Human Rights Law’. The project dealt with persistent issues of gender injustice in Europe, and how the main legal mechanism seeking to achieve gender justice – human rights law and particularly equality law – repeatedly falls short. This project analyzed why this is so, using an original combination of historical and legal analysis, and advanced proposals for change.

Furthermore, she has received a G.J. Wiarda Prize, which is instituted by the Utrecht School of Law to showcase excellent academic publications, every three years. Alexandra won the prize for her article ‘Judging Stereotypes: what the European Court of Human rights can borrow from American and Canadian Equal protection law’. This article was published in the American Journal of Comparative Law in 2015. The jury noted that the article succeeds at explaining a very complex societal theme and provides excellent legal analysis.



Call for Book Contributors: New perspectives in post-transitional policing studies

Prof. Dr. Kerezsi Klára DSc, of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and Dr. Veronika Nagy, of Utrecht University, are working on the publication of a book on the topic of Post-transitional Policing Studies. The book will aim to promote critical law enforcement studies and new conceptual approaches.

They are looking for chapter contributions on policing theory topics such as: Historical changes in policing theories, Policing research, Investigative practice, Policing ethnography, Police diversity, Community-based policing, Professional development, or any other topics relevant to the core field of study. The text shall serve as an essential basis in academic education of policing scholars and other students, for international and national security organizations and for academics alike. Researchers should keep this in mind when sending in their proposals.

Contributors are invited to submit a 1000-1500 word proposal by the 30th of December 2017, in which they clearly identify the topic and structure of their proposed chapter. Proposals should be submitted to:

More in-depth and detailed information about the submission of a proposal, and the following steps leading up the the book’s publication near the end of 2018, can be found in the PDF document here.

We look forward to your fruitful scholarship and the book’s publication!



Conference Invitation: Confiscation of criminal assets in the European Union

Organised within the international research project “ConfiscEU – Improving Cooperation between EU Member States in Confiscation Procedures”, coordinated by the University of Ferrara and co-funded by the European Union, this exciting conference on the topic of “Confiscation of criminal assets in the European Union” will take place in just under two weeks!

Since participation is free, make sure to register as soon as possible, seeing as the venue is of limited capacity. The conference will take place at Utrecht University (Paushuize) on Thursday 23 November 2017, between 13.00– 17.00.

The programme can be found here, and the registration can be done here.

We look forward to seeing you there!



Book Publication: ‘Law Enforcement by EU Authorities’, by Miroslava Scholten and Michiel Luchtman

Following the publication of their edited volume ‘Law Enforcement by EU Authorities’, Dr.  Miroslava Scholten and prof. Dr. Michiel Luchtman invite you to the accompanying presentation on Thursday the 7th December (10.00 – 12.00), at the European Parliament in Brussels (ASP 5G-1).

For your information: the edited volume can be found here, while the invitation to the presentation can be found here.

With the support of RENFORCE, 30 international scholars, including a number of RENFORCE members, and practitioners from the EU Commission, agencies and the World Bank have gathered together to accomplish the comprehensive study. The foreword of the volume was written by Prof. Annetje Ottow, dean of the Utrecht University Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance. The book discusses a new development in the field of EU law and governance – proliferation of EU enforcement authorities – from a perspective of political and judicial accountability.

At the book presentation, together with Prof. Alex Brenninkmeijer, the authors hope to discuss with attending practitioners and academics the growing administration of the ‘shared enforcement but separated controls’ within the EU.



Workshop “Resolving the Tensions between EU Trade and Non-Trade Objectives: Actors, Norms, and Processes”

On 10 November 2017, RENFORCE organizes the workshop on: “Resolving the Tensions between EU Trade and Non-Trade Objectives: Actors, Norms, and Processes”. The focus of the workshop is on the recent issues concerning the EU’s unilateral and bilateral actions (as opposed to multilateral action) in the realm of EU’s external trade law and policy. The provisional program is available here.

The workshop is closed, but we have limited space for additional participants. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to before 3 November 2017.