Sybe de Vries: Magazine Article “Towards a Deeper and Fairer Internal Market”

This month’s SERmagazine included a segment from RENFORCE researcher Sybe de Vries, entitled “Op weg naar een diepere en eerlijkere interne markt” (Towards a deeper and fairer Internal Market), in which he discusses the rapid changes of the European market and their relation to the relevant choices and priorities of the Dutch government. In that context, he advocates for more attention to be given to the specific social goals of Europe.

You can read the full magazine, and Sybe’s segment, here!



Workshop: “Independence in the Public Sector: Concepts and Uses”

The Montaigne centre and RENFORCE have organized a workshop on the topic of “Independence in the Public Sector: Concepts and Uses”.

The workshop will take place on the 16th of November in Utrecht t (Janskerkhof 2-3, room 118), and will include segments from University of Antwerp’s Koen Verhoest, Bjorn Kleizen and Jolijn de Roover and Utrecht University’s Miroslava Scholten and Frans van Dijk.

Subjects discussed under the umbrella topic of the workshops will include the various dimensions of autonomy, independence of institutions such as the judiciary and EU agencies, the impact of structural and regulatory reforms on autonomy, and many more. Combined, these subjects will work to bring various perspectives from different sides of the debate together by including speakers from public administration and various fields of law.

The full program can be found here!



New ‘European Variations’ Report at the Huis van Europ

Last week Councilor Ernst Hirsch Ballin presented the WRR’s “Europese Variaties” (European Variations) report in the Huis van Europ (Europe House) in Den Haag.

For the further development of the European Union, the WRR emphasizes variation. Pleading for more differentiation in the EU and addressing ideas on how to best accommodate it.

RENFORCE’s own Ton van den Brink, Linda Senden and Sybe de Vries, as well as Michael Hübner, worked on a contribution to the chapter on the Internal Market.

More information on the publication and future events on the same topic can be found on the WRR website:…/09/04/europese-variaties



Jessy Emaus: nominated as ECTIL Fellow

Jessy Emaus has been nominated as a Fellow of the European Center of Tort and Insurance Law (ECTIL, founded in Vienna, Austria). She has has been collaborating with Anne Keirse on the European Tort Law Yearbook since 2013, which appears annually under the auspices of ECTIL and has, in the past, reported on the most important developments in the field of “Nederlandse onrechtmatigedaadsrecht tijdens” during the Annual Conference on European Tort in Vienna.



Conference: “OLAF and the EPPO in the new institutional setting for the protection of the financial interests of the EU”

On 15 June 2018, Utrecht University, under the auspices of Renforce and in the framework of the HERCULE III Programme organizes the conference “OLAF and the EPPO in the new institutional setting for the protection of the financial interests of the EU”.

The conference will bring together academics, practitioners and policy makers to discuss several aspects of the protection of the EU budget in light of the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. The main focus will be on OLAF and the EPPO, and on their enforcement partners (both national authorities and IBOAs).

The conference shall provide the audience with a better understanding of the administrative and criminal responses to EU fraud both at present and in the near future.

Both the tentative program and practical information are at your disposal at the given links.

There is no registration fee, but please, confirm your participation by sending an email to before 4 June 2018.