Seminar Extraterritoriality and Environment

We are pleased to announce that in December the seminar Extraterritoriality and Environment will be held. It is organized by ERC and the University of Utrecht. The seminar will be opened by Prof C. Ryngaert. The seminar will be held in December and registration is free.

There has been no shortage of discussion on the costs of industrialisation for the global environment. Yet while there is consensus on the need for conservation, states cannot seem to reach concrete agreements on how to do so. In the absence of multilateral progress some states have resorted to the unilateral implementation of environmental policies, often with extraterritorial effects. This seminar brings together different facets of the legal discussion on extraterritoriality and the environment. A particular focus will be placed on the law of the World Trade Organisation in regulating extraterritorial measures, and the role of the European Union in its attempt to protect the world’s environment.

See: Programme 8th of December

8th December 2014

Achter Sint Pieter 200
Raadzaal, 1e floor
3512 HT Utrecht
The Netherlands

You can register before 1 of December by sending an e-mail to



Conference: Challenges in the field of economic and financial crime in Europe

In December 2014 the University of Luxemburg in collaboration with ECLAN are organizing the conference ‘Challenges in the field of economic and financial crime in Europe’. The conference will cover substantive as well as procedural law issues in relation to economic and financial crime in Europe. The conference will be conducted in English.

We are happy to announce that professor J.A.E. Vervaele and dr. M.J.J.P. Luchtman will be contributing to the conference on the 3rd of December, by providing a reading of, respectively jurisdictional issues in transnational multi-agency and multi-disciplinary investigations and transnational multi-disciplinary investigations and the quest for compatible procedural safeguards.

See the program: Conference Luxembourg

Date: 2 and 3 December 2014


Cité Judiciaire

Grande Salle de Formation

BC batiment commun, first floor,

room 1.38/39

Plateau du St. Esprit

L – 2080 Luxembourg

Registration: Registration is free. You can register yourself before 21st of November, by sending an an e-mail to:


For further information, please contact Dr Vanessa Franssen:



CLOSED: Position available as PhD Researcher EU citizenship in the EU criminal justice area: Defining the legal position of EU citizens under mutual recognition instruments

renforce_logo.pngResearch group RENFORCE of the Utrecht School of Law will be appointing a PhD researcher to engage in research on EU citizenship in the EU criminal justice area, more particularly on the legal position of EU citizens under instruments for mutual recognition of judicial decisions in criminal matters. The project addresses the relation between EU citizenship and the principle of mutual recognition in criminal matters. It seeks to explore if and how EU citizens are currently protected against arbitrary and discriminatory interferences of their rights and duties in the transnational Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. In order to achieve this, it takes a comparative and interdisciplinary approach. A more detailed research plan is available upon request.

It is possible to apply for this position until 12 October 2014.

More information is available on Academic Transfer:

Questions about the project and the position may be addressed to dr. Michiel Luchtman: or dr. Ton van den Brink:



PPRC research in opinions section Dutch magazine Cobouw

The Public Procurement Research Centre (PPRC) has started publicizing results of PPRC research to the broader public through the opinions section of Dutch magazine Cobouw every two weeks, with the first contribution appearing on the 28th of August. The first article, on the usage of assessment criteria in procurement, was written by Elisabetta Manunza (Utrecht University) and Jan Telgen (University of Twente), and can be read on the Cobouw website (in Dutch).

Other planned articles will deal with topics such as insourcing and public cooperation, procurement and corruption, exclusion of applicants who have violated human rights norms, social procurement, procurement in healthcare, etc.



VNO-NCW and MKB Nederland recommend PPRC research to Dutch Minister

PPRC-blauwThe Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW) and the largest representative organisation for SMEs in the Netherlands, the Royal Association MKB-Nederland (MKB NL), have expressed great concerns in relation to the recent Dutch government policy, which prefers governmental performance of services instead of external performance of market parties. Amongst others, cleaning-, transport-, security-, and courier services are affected by this policy.

VNO-NCW and MKB-NL raise this issue in a letter of 23 June to the Algemene Commissie voor Wonen en Rijksdienst (Committee on Housing and the Central Government Sector) of the Dutch Parliament. According to them, the market as a performer of services is usually able to provide the most efficient solution.  However, the current legal framework does not oblige the government to take cost-benefit analysis and the effectiveness of performance into consideration when deciding upon public service delivery. For this reason, VNO-NCW and MKB Nederland advocate the introduction of a legal control mechanism that provides market parties with an opportunity to challenge the legality and effectiveness of a decision to insource a service.

These representative organizations explicitly refer to research by the Public Procurement Research Centre (a cooperation between Utrecht University and the University of Twente, which is integrated in the RENFORCE research group in Utrecht) and call on the Minister to involve the PPRC in the development of a new legal insourcing regime. Professor Elisabetta Manunza already proposed this in her inaugural lecture “Over grenzen. Van verplichtingen voor de overheid naar rechten voor burgers” (Beyond borders. From obligations for the government to rights for citizens) and has regularly published on this topic in the subsequent years. In her research, she compares the desired system with the already existing US Fair Act system (Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act 1999). Willem Janssen, who is writing his PhD thesis on this subject, will continue research into the US system for several months at The George Washington University from September onwards. The full letter can be found here (in Dutch).